Education and controversy

Is it that when we say education there should be controversy surrounding it? First we had whole big fight over the new reservation norms brought out by Minister Arjun Singh at the center. Then few changes in text of NCERT books.
Can Bangalore be far behind then?

Here in Bangalore (Capital city of Karnataka) we have Education Minister Basvaraj Horatti closing down schools (close to 800, if media reports are to be believed) because they were not imparting education in the local language, Kannada. When I mention schools am talking of only Goverment Schools. How more silly can it get. Why did reservation came up because the under-priviliged students were not getting further education.
With shutting down schools when almost half the year is over our Minister is denying education to thousands of students. Many of whom belong to the so called under-priviliged community. Our Minister says, either teach them in Kannada or dont teach them. Why didnt he pass this before the school term began around June-July?
No education till 6th standard should be imparted in English. Think of students, my dear Minister. When these kids pass out of school they envy the others from other schools when they speak English fluently. This leads to inferiority complex. Instead of addressing such kind of issues Minister is happy doing what he thinks is the best solution.
There is a saying “Charity begins at home”. While the Minister shutdown schools for not teaching in Kannada his own children studied in Convent schools where they impart education in English (courtesy The New Indian Express on 21st September 2006).

Another Minister incharge for Higher Education DH Shankaramurthy wanted himself also to be in media. How else can he do it. He terms Tipu Sultan as anti-Kannada!!??And he also wants Tipu Sultan to be out of school text books.

How more crazy can the responsible Ministers become. While they are expected to do something on getting every child in state educated they are out to create controversy. They migh succeed for all that in appeasing the Kannada activists and increasing their vote bank all at cost of children’s education who form tomorrow’s India.

Thank you Ministers.

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5 thoughts on “Education and controversy

  1. @basvaraj
    thnx for the comment.. & mentioning that u’ll consider things in future..
    i knw ur one of those anonymous who is afraid to reveal identity…

  2. 1. First of all, These schools are not Govt Schools
    2. They r private and obtained the licesence telling tht they wud use Kannada as Medium of instruction, so that they avail all the benifits from state govt
    3. They used English as medium of instruction ( against the license they obtained ) to attract hefty donations since 1994.
    4. Earlier too Govt had gvn warnings, but ignored by School management

    I agree, the timing is not correct.Govt shud have planned for this in the begining of academic year…But is this Move by Govt Wrong? They r not Opposing English..but only those who Violated the rules.

    I feel, the issue has been seen and understtod in a wrong way by major, including this author.I am not against English but just making an attempt understand the issue in the right sense.

  3. @prashant
    yes, they might have been a misunderstanding but it doesnt make sense to close a school in middle of the year!!!

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