Shiva – Movie Review – 2nd Part

Read part 1 here. The first part was completely about the movie. But since our RGV said its a remake of the original made in 1989 we have to compare with it.

1) Mohit lacks the spark that Nagarjun had. There is no fire in Mohit eyes which was found with N.
2) When N came into any sequence one could always expect something to happen which is not to be found with M.
3) N’s brother & family was characterised very well and they had a significant part in the movie. Their kid always liked to be with N. In the new one RGV has fallen into the trap called Bollywood.
4) The sequence where N cycles hard with his niece was a piece and of course there is nothing even though M goes around the city in his bullet.
5) The turning part in the original was when N tears out cycle chain from a cycle and beat up the baddies. Here M does nothing like that. If removing he belt and whipping the baddies in the climax was akin to the original cycle chain sequence, then am sorry RGV you are a disaster. The belt is a police belt and after resigning from the police how can he still go around with the belt??
6) In the original the story was built around college and so spending time in canteen was understandable. In this RGV shows the bunch of policemen in the canteen. Are they always there to spend time or to check up on the cases.
7) Bhavani played by Raghuvaran whatever said and done he does add value to the movie with his charisma which is missing in Upyendre even though I wont say he has done bad. Raghuvaran always excels in his role as villian. Probably RGV could have called him again.
8) Bhavani’s henchmen also looked like reals thugs and not the ones cast in the new one.
9) Amala had a definite role to play in the original. She had lot to do in shaping up N and being in the group. Here Nisha as mentioned is a irritant and RGV could have taken this movie without her. Also RGV looks to have been influenced by Rangeela and Rang De Basanti.
10) Ilayaraja was at his peak in 1989 and gave some good tunes with a very good background scorre. Now he just rehashed it and put some of his old tunes. Repeated the background score.


3 thoughts on “Shiva – Movie Review – 2nd Part

  1. Sure this movie is for a hardcore RGV fan… Nisha looks like a dumb bimbo hangin on to Mohits arm even in fight sequences…Mohit has great body but lacks emotions…Shiva is a mindless run of the mill movie.

  2. @anon
    i do like RGV movies.. but this was just unbearable.. he could showed the original Shiva now re-printed… that wld ‘ve attracted crowds to say..

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