Motorola RAZR model

There was a complaint from one of my friend who bought RAZR initially and said the battery performance was an issue. I bought it recently a month back and dont find any issues with the battery.
But there are few other issues
1) The buttons on the clamp are too close that most often I end up starting the videocam while opening the clamp.
2) The buttons are too big and protruding a lot that when keeping the phone into my pant pocket I click on one of the buttons.
I had used a clamp shut model of Sony Ericsson previously and found no issues with the alignment of buttons on the clamp.
3) While disconnecting the call after talking, it actually takes a time longer than normal. Normal I mean the time taken in other models.
The same is true when stopping the iTunes player.

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3 thoughts on “Motorola RAZR model

  1. Hey,
    I was using V3 RAZR for almost a year..and didnt face the problem of protruding buttons (r u wearing a skin tight jean/trousers 😉 ) but I did face the problem of slow response to “Hang Up” ..I’ll try to send you a link where you can post all these problems to Motorola.

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