Blogging in techie world

Continuing on Vatsan’s theory of blogging in India (Click here to read). He had mentioned that blogging is mainly restricted to the techie guys in India.
Now how many among these techie guys are bloggers? By Blogstreet statistics there are only little more than 4500 people in India who blog, what about the rest of the crowd in the s/w industry. Everyone in the s/w industry does have access to internet but how many actually blog.
Most of the guys in s/w industry access internet only in their office and not everyone does have a connection at home.
Lets take Infosys for example, they have about 10,000 people here in Bangalore alone and of them I can guarentee that only less 400 blog. The maximum number of bloggers are in Chennai, if statistics are to be believed. And if same is true then there can ony be about 150 people in Infosys who blog which is a number that need not be considered.
Taking an example of another company where I work in I can say that hardly 50 people blog in a company of 3000.
There are also oter cities in India where s/w industry has opened up.
Where are the guys in blogworld. Why are they not blogging. What makes them stay away from blogging. Isnt it the easy and nice way to reach out to the world and convey your existence.

1) How many among these numbers know about blogs and blogging?
2) People are lazy, thats the main reason.
3) What will I do by blogging, what do I gain from it.
3) I dont have time, this is another common reason. Why you dont have time? I work for 14-15hrs a day and after that I feel tired. Why do you work for 14-15hrs? What about the time wasted in coffee and smoking breaks? The same guy as time to visit a porn site.
4) My english is poor, do you know you can blog in regional language
5) My hubby or wife thinks I got not better job to do than blog
6) What will my Manager say when he sees me blogging. He would think I got no work to do & give me more work. He would not give a good appraisal for me. If you blog you are considered jobless.
7) What do I write about, hey buddy what are we writing about.

So, Vatsan, even with internet connection available people still dont blog. The scenario is not so great in techie world also.
These guys also dont know that such a thing BLOGCAMP happened over the weekend. All that matters to them is come to office, go home. When in office tell, its a boring day or tough day.

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9 thoughts on “Blogging in techie world

  1. I am an avid jogger and a wanna be marathoner. That’s how I chanced upon your blog. I am a techie and live in Chennai.

    The reason I don’t blog often is mental laziness. When I look at my blog page my mind goes blank. What do I write ? And who is going to read it ? Lame excuses since blogging has a good cathartic effect.

  2. Satish,
    I think blogging or not deciding to blog is an individual’s choice. Your post sounds as if not blogging is a crime. May be you did not intend it that way but your tone(style of writing) makes it sound that way.

  3. @sekar
    am not saying not blogging is a crime. but am just mentioning why not many ppl in the techie world dont blog.
    it depends on how one reads the article.
    every sentence can be taken in two meanings and thats the theory of relativity

  4. Though your article could be interpreted as accusing the bloggers, I was pretty sure that you are not one to write that way (considering how considerate you are always in your posts). Your oneliners absolutely rock!!!. So do the nuggets that you keep giving as Life is Tough. Keep up the good work.

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