Sessions on Day 2 – BlogCamp

I know this might look like being biased. Sunil Gavaskars session was not boring like the 36(not out) he scored in a 60 overs One Day Match way back in 1975. It was more of the innings of 97 he scored in 1987 WorldCup. He had quite a bit of humor in his speech and am really amazed did he fly all the way down to Chennai just to give a 30mins talk and few minutes here and there with fans.
Yes, he is a celebrity and that called for all cameras to be focussed on him.
One thing to be appreciated here is his openess to new techniques. He is doing podcasting for Yahoo and he says he’s ready to do blogging on cricket soon.
I cannot forget the mad rush of attendees to get his autograph once he finished the session.

Sharad the photographer, did he talk anything on digital photography. I can look into his site and see his photos for myself. I have already seen them. I expected him to talk on the topic and not to show his work.

Nandu from Deccan Chronicle, read out from his blog. He could have given his blog URL, I can read it from here or at my home. Probably he fears nobody would read his blog.

Both these guys were promoting themselves and not giving a relevant presentation. Worst than this comes from ZOHO. The guy who gave a presentation didnt promote himself but was promoting his company. Dont they know what this un-conference is all about.

Nidhi of WebChutney gave a session, but it showed that she hadnt done her homework correctly. This became evident when he mistook to be the official blog of Apple. In an un-conference she completly escaped. Thats the power of un-conference.



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