Day 1 Analysis of BlogCamp

I took over the live streaming yesterday morning and had to stick on with it till end of the day. This I tell you gets boring what with focussing on the speaker and the quite often problems encountered. But yes, it was fun @least I can use this skills to use later someday.
And this also prevented me from moving out of the room to the other room where the parallel session where happening. Of course I didnt miss much since it was too geeky in the other one. There was no live streaming possible in the other room also.

There were quite a lot of sessions, one as always by Amit Agarwal on making money thru blogs. Another on collaborative blogging during disaster with Dina, Neha, Peter, Scott everyone giving their views.
But sometimes, the blogs themselves tend to become a disaster. Is this possible. Ok am just raising a Q over here.

There was one session on PutVote by Kingsley, Chandru & Neha. Kingsley connected over skype to Chennai.
PutVote is a community based voting mechanism for topics & blogs raised by community. Have to really see where it heads in another 6months down the line. How different is this from Tezzaa?? Anshuman gave a presentation, that also wasnt impressive as today am not sure how many actually visit their site. But yes, being a sponsor here would have definitely got them few lot hits. I do not see other than a news aggregator like so many others. But is the market still open for new players on the internet side?

Veer from Netcore talked about Blogstreet and how it is community + analytics based site. Till date it has only been based on analytics. Probably Rajesh Jain might have thought about all this before & well in advance, but I can still give my comments aint I.
I dont see anything community oriented today in that site. Moreover how do they rate the blogs.

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One thought on “Day 1 Analysis of BlogCamp

  1. TOI made the site guy’s speach in the front paper!

    what i am able to guess according to the paper news is that this is more of a business community focusing only on some guys than blog journal meetup.

    But if someone know how to make money, who will not do that. right?

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