BlogCamp turns to a BarCamp Bar Bar

This post has to be taken in lighter spirit and not with too much spirit. The news items below is making fun of few incidents and does not refer to any particular person.

Thalaipu Seidhigal:

1) Rivet adithadunaal Delhi irundu vanda jetti illamal ammanamaga odinaar.
2) Naan eppadi nanaithen, ennai yaar swimming pool il thalli vittar endru theriyamal ulla irundar orutharir thambi.
3) Kaadhal kasapanada illai innipanada, poti potu kondu rendu per beach il pulambal. Oruthar ippodi India vin irandam number blogger, aduthavar oru stock price & news site vechu irrukar.
4) Pant illamal jetti udan veetuku vegamaga car il sendrar, stock price & share blogs update seyyum oruvar.

{ English translation}
1) Hit by a nail employee from Delhi runs naked around the swimming pool
2) How did I fall into the swimming pool, one of the organisers brother kept asking everyone whom he met.
3) Is love a bitter or nice experience. Love stories told to small group by India’s currently number two blogger and another who runs a site which collates information on stock price and share market news.
4) The person who runs site for stock prices & share market blogs updates drove back home in his underpants after forgetting where he left his pants.
(Detailed news will be up by tomorrow)

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