To all my teachers

Today is Teachers Day. Its not only today that I think about all the teachers who taught me in my 20yrs of study. They are one of the reasons why I am the way I am today. They are not my only teachers.
But over the years there is something wrong that worries me a lot. Today’s teachers never are the same as some teachers were years back.
Back in my school days I always liked my Physics Teacher, more so because I just loved this subject. She used to explain the concepts really well and never expected text book answers.
During my undergraduation days with Physics as my major, I never liked the staff much. They were all like study the book and any questions asked, the reply would be thats the way it is and so it should be. They never kindled the interest among students by making them think.
Yes, a reason could be because the education system was like that. One should not think much and the answers in the exams were not expected to be crisp to the point but lengthy ones which makes your hand break at the end of 3hrs.

I was lucky during the first 14yrs of study when I didnt have to like that. If I had written answers like I wrote in my CBSE board exams I still would not have completed my undergraduation.

During my Post-Graduation (MCA), they were teachers who were happy when you asked questions, but when it came to exams they expected text book answers. I liked one teacher among all who in his papers never gave textbook questions. For his paper any amount of preparation would not do. His questions were totally out of the box and if one was clear in his concepts it was easy to answer.

But in todays world there is scarcity of teachers like my school Ma’am and post-graduation Sir. Every teacher today is money minded. Teachers are open enough to say, come to my tuition classes, this means they make more money.
What is the requirement for tuitions. One is because of parents who wants their kids to class topper so send them for tuitions right from 6th standard. If the parents dont have faith in their children, this is what fuels the teachers.
I was never a topper in my class, but I can say proudly never did my parents send me for tuition classes.

Teachers Day is not just to remember about Dr.S.Radhakrishnan and talk in praise in classrooms. Its for the school & college boards to think is our education system set in the right path. Its for all teachers to think whether are they doing their duty. Its for parents to have faith in their wards. Its for politicians to decide is it worth fighting over reservation percentage to keep their vote bank or to actually fight to provide education to all.

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2 thoughts on “To all my teachers

  1. Very well said, Sathish. Indeed the big question is when will we as a nation achieve a “decent” level of literacy. And in terms of education, when will the purpose of study become learning rather than earning a degree.

  2. @sigma
    These are certain points which politicians fail to think about. Its the society also to blame which has made students just to earn the degree and get a job rather than doing something innovative..
    theres a problem at root level..

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