PVR Cinemas

PVR Cinemas has brought in lot new features like printing the ticket from vending machine if booked through internet and also booking ticket through vending machine itself.
But there are certain things that definitely need to be relooked at, especially when it comes to security.
Yesterday, I went to PVR Cinemas for watching the movie ‘Lage Raho MunnaBhai’.
First I pass through a detector machine, I doubt if the security guys really read the sound it makes and can understand when it makes what kind of sound.
Second, a security fiddles around my pant with his hands to check for ciggarette packs or matchbox or lighters. Well done.
Third, another guy looks into my bag and finds a camera inside. I wasnt by any intention going to shoot the movie. Any common sense would make it easy to understand that a 3hr movie cannot be packed into a 256MB memory card. Nor am I going to shoot some photos of gorgeous girls coming to watch the movie. Whatever be your thoughts on not allowing a camera am with you and give it. The security just draws a line in my ticket and in another piece of card writes my ticket number. This card he attaches to the camera. When I insisted on him to write the object I had given he says he will remember. Finally he had to write the object he had taken on the ticket. WTF, prevents him from not writing it.
With a sarcastic note he asks me whether he should write my number in the same. Any other moment I would have called his manager and complained but I wasnt in a moon yesterday. Bloody I give my camera and he feels lazy to write it. If you want security I also want security.

With improvement in technology, it is very much possible to do the same action with a mobile phone. The camera quality has improved a lot in phones so are you guys going to confiscate the phones also??

In all this the girls/ladies can walk in freely. Dont girls smoke, cant they carry ciggarettes, cant they carry camera to shoot the movie. If guy is always looked upon as one who does criminal activities, I would like to re-emphasise that sucide bomber who killed Rajiv Gandhi was a SHE. Recently Supreme Court sentenced to death 2 women for abducting and killing children.

Next time guys when you walk into PVR Cinemas, just take a girl along and give the mentioned things to her. She can walk in safely with these items in her handbag or pockets. Nobody’s going to check them, aint they.

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2 thoughts on “PVR Cinemas

  1. I hope you enjoyed the hours with Lahe Raho Munna Bhai.

    Girls are not exceptional in PVR delhi n gurgaon but in DT City Centre.

  2. Woah, that seems like security gone mad. I do kind of think they overreacted with your camera. It’s really sad that some people abuse technology and then other people have to pay the consequences.

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