Observations made in Chennai

1) Bus stops: If there are no buses for some time then the commuters almost spill over to the middle of the road, partly blocking the normal flow of traffic. Moving to the middle of the road will not make the bus come soon. Buses depart from bus stand only as per the time self scheduled by the drivers.
2) MTC buses: Buses are becoming more than a menance for other road users. I should add that even the other buses are so. Other buses in the sense which ply out of and into Chennai from other places.
These buses honk so much that it sends shivers down others driving or walking on the road. These drivers honk even at signals, as if the signal is going to change to green on honking.
What a headache.
3) Pedestrians: There is total lack of awareness and intelligence among pedestrians. They cross the roads as per their whims & fancies. If they are accidentally hit by oncoming vehicle its a problem of the driver and he gets belted.
4) Food: The lunch buffet at GRT Grand Days is far better than the lunch buffet at Hotel Radisson. There are more options and the dessert is just mouth watering. The taste is also better in GRT Grand Days.
5) Roads: Big roads that driving is very easy at least in the outer. There are traffic jams in the inner areas but not really worse sitaution.

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2 thoughts on “Observations made in Chennai

  1. Interesting observations. In Delhi some people try to overtake first from right then from left then again from right and they keep repeating it till they succeed from either right or left! Very tough if you are driving behind such a moron.

  2. @mridula
    but whatever i think Chennai as a city still rocks.. everyone can get their share of entertainment..
    my next post would be on this..

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