Vetayadu Vilayadu (Hunt & Play) – Movie Review

Dear Gautam,

After awaiting the release for past few months, hats off to you for giving a good movie. I was happy to see finally one Indian movie where the foreigner is not made to speak the language of the movie but his language and to have a translation in text below.
It was good to see that the cast name was not put on the top and bottom of the screen but only on the bottom. The colour choice was also perfect and it wasnt glaring as in few movies in which Vijay has acted.
Kamal looked neat as a Police office but you could have requested him to shed few more kilograms. The crisp editing looks to be the plus point of the movie. When the movie drags a little with the romance development between Raghavan (Kamal) and Aradhana (Jyothika) a sudden turn back to the actual work for which Raghavan had come to New York keeps the pulse.
From the introduction of character Maya, it gave me a thought that probably this is a pre-sequel to your earlier movie Khaka Khaka.
While the slang was Hindi & Thamizh in KK, here you have made sure that the slang remains but in English & Thamizh.
The killing of Kamalini Mukherjee looked very similar to killing of Jyothika in KK, except that knife replaced the gun in this movie. There are few more scenes & locations which look very akin to KK, probably you are still in hangover of that movie.
The music was good on most occassion except in the climax when I felt Harris had run out of ideas, is this true?

How was it in an abandoned fort all the lights were switched on in the tunnel?? As a director you could have looked into this point.
Cameraman Ravi did a very good job but why do you need to rotate the camera so often, was it to show the conflich within the brain?? I thought probably sometimes I should stand upside down on my seat to watch the camera work. But i liked the brilliance in New York, definitely showed the city far better than the way it was shown in Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna.

After so much I still fail to understand why the climax was changed, was it for the audience or on request from the cast.

Rasigan (Fan)


7 thoughts on “Vetayadu Vilayadu (Hunt & Play) – Movie Review

  1. sooper…i had similar thoughts after watching the movie. I was in the 3 row from the screen and has real problems with camera rotation… lol..the movie is indeed a remake of kk with ending suited to the taste of indian moviegoers…

  2. Thanks so much for your views, comments and nuances. Will be more careful about them in my future films – Gautam Menon.

  3. nice review.

    waiting for Oct 23 to watch it. This is my first kamal movie since the past few years i am unable to see on the firstday.

    what if i get a cd from the market, is that wrong?

  4. @vikram
    agree with u… & symphatise with u for watching the movie from the 3rd row..

    gud 2 c a comment from u.. its also nice 2 knw that ur taking the criticism positively..

    theres nothing wrong in watching it on the CD but think for once about the money pumped in to make the movie..
    its akin to one being replaced in a company by a guy who can do the same work for less than half the pay..

  5. But what tested my patience was the sequences that comes after 1st half and before the climax where the psycho duo where elevated to the status of pandya(jeeva in kakha kakha). It was quite unbelievable. Indeed gautham gave a short intro to their psychopathic
    childhoos but that was not sufficient enough for viewers to justify their elevation. Except this, 1st half was completely superb.
    And that song that comes after the psycho duo lands in mumbai was a clear revelation that even quality directors can succumb to commercial pressure.
    sometime i get a feeling that harris jeyaraj tries to blatantly copy few of his master’s tracks. I m not speaking abt the songs. Did u guys realise that the pacy track that comes when kamal chasing the villian duo has much similrity with the thirudu thirudu chasung track?

    whatever, the movie is definitely a milestone in indian cinema especially the camera work!!

  6. Balsa
    Hi Gautam,
    Congrats for bold execution of the theme of killers with abnormal sexual instincts probably for the first time in tamil cinema.
    The investigating techniques Kamala uses are brilliant and congrats for showing indian police officers in good light compared to NYPD.Also you have shaped Kamals charecter very well-ofcourse Kmala has responded witha subtle and brilliant performance perhaps the best portrayal of a police officer so far in indian cinema.
    Kamals introduction and title song are superb.
    the movie matches a hollowood movie frame by frame and runs at rollicking pace until the killers get away to India.
    We hear that the movie ran into financial trouble .
    Is this the reason for the scenes after Kamals confrontation with the killers in New York flat not being so rich.
    The movie drags a bit after this but you have managed a good climax with witty dialogues like
    neenga rendu perum enna homosexuals a da
    nee aradhana va koduthudu naan un pondattiyai kodutthu vidugiren

    good work and we expect more movies from you especially your teaming up with kamal/harris jeyaraj/ravi verman

    Incidentally how big a hit is this movie in india.

    i live in london and it is hit here.i saw it in thetres and audience appreciated the movie

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