Cricket and Asians

What is it that Asians have doen wrong to be pulled up everytime by umpires in the game of cricket. Its got lot more to do with umpire Darell Hair specifically. Is he a racist?? Is he afraid of sub-continent players?? Is he triggered by somebody to make such decisions??

There have been very very bad umpiring decisions in the game which can be forgiven but no such charges.

First he complained against Muthiah Muralitharan of SriLanka which made them to walkout of Australian tour.
For Pakistan he brings up ball tampering issue and this time to the extent of forcing Pakistan to take decision of not coming into the ground after break. Why didnt he give any warning.

I personally wish that Pakistan call off the one-day matches scheduled against England and return. Why should they continue to play when such unfair judgements are passed. I just hope Inzy would take this decision.
Even Sachin Tendulkar was not spared of such rudness when he was suspended for alleged ball-tampering.

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