Life has to move on

Yesterday we moved out of the house which we had been occupying since the time it was built. The quarters in KKNagar, Chennai to a new house in Velachery, Chennai. This was the house I was brought up along with my sis & bro. The place where there were High’s and Low’s, good times and bad times, lot of learning and un-learning. Those unlimited number of comics we had bought during childhood days.

Those days spent sitting near the window and watching as the traffic grew from insignificant number to today where the street has vehicles passing every minute.

The quarters where we played cricket, won chess tournaments, played golli, hide & seek. The days when we didnt go to school due to umpteen reasons.
From being cycled to school by dad to uncle, walking with mom and later with sis & bro to school. Those days when some classmate of mine would pass by for me to take a lift and also a drop in the evening. A small walk later to catch the bus to goto college.
Those few minutes of walk to buy groceries, standing in milk booth for that half liter of milk.
Listening to Vivdhbarathi on the radio to later watching the numerous channels on TV and brought down to just watching Tamil channels (thanks to Govt initiative).
Bursting of crackers on the steps to bursting in front of the block.
There are lot more incidents and lot more memories. The memories would still remain.
The bus facility to any area within the city is just beyond words. Which ever place you wanted to go there was a bus plying for that route.
Those nice people who were always there to help. Those people who were more like part of your family.
How safe it was to walk around early morning with the tea shops being open from 4:00am. The turnaround of the area from being un-safe to ultra-safe.
The walk to the house from the shop reading newspaper all the way.
Like the saying goes, all good things have to come to an end. After knowing almost everyone in the area we now move on to a different area which is completely new and the start is again from origin.
I cant say Goodbye to KKNagar, only thing is next time I should remind myself not to take the bus to KKNagar by default.


5 thoughts on “Life has to move on

  1. hey satish,
    I m suji ,lived in 6/1.Remember me?
    I saw ur photo in one of your postings but wasnt sure if it was u.Been ages we saw each other,right?.Anway glad to get in touch with u.Howz ur parents?What is shoba and shyam doing?I am in US now,married and have a 3yr old daughter.Wish to hear from u more.Bye.

  2. Yes ,ofcourse I am the person (SUCHITRA KUMARASWAMY)whom u think.I was out of town for a few days,so couldnt reply right away.Shoba, it was a sweet surprise when I chanced upon satish’s blogs.Great to hear from u too.How are u doing?

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