Independence Day and After – 2

Into the 60th year what are the positive aspects in which India has grown to what it is today.

1) Opening of FDI in the early 90’s
2) Investment by the IT sector into India, more into Bangalore.
3) Chennai becoming the Detroit of South Asia
4) Blogging, this has grown tremendously over the years. People’s opinion on affairs count a lot.
5) Opening up of radio and TV frequencies that there is a lot of competition among them. Everyone wants to be the best in their coverage. Same holds true for media also.
6) Development of two-tier and three-tier towns.
7) Nuclear testing which even caught US Spy Satellites unawares.
8) The Right to Information Act which was passed recently enabled citizens to get a fair deal of information with rights to ask for same.
9) We did become sensible to elect an educated responsible man as our President, who else but of course Dr.Abdul Kalam.
10) The Golden Quadilateral Project for connecting roads across cities showed that even we can develop World Class roads. I hope the freight corridor project along Golden Quadilateral project also gets shape soon.
11) Metro Rail project in Delhi.

There are definitely lots more development but I have listed the major ones.


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