Independence Day and after

Into the 60th year after Independence was got from the Britishers where do we stand today?
Is Independence day the day to buy flags and hang it on vehicles or offices. Is Independence day still a day where flag is hoisted and sweets are distributed. Is every Indian proud to be an Indian? Does every Indian go to the election booth to cast his vote during elections? Are we free from beggars? Arent the poor still getting poorer with soaring prices? Arent the richer only getting more richer? Are the media doing the responsible role of providing correct information rather than hyping two-three incidents? Arent the media still happy with covering news items above the Vindhya’s? Are women given equal importance even after so-called gender equality movement in a male dominated society?

1) We are still fighting with Pakistan over Kasmir.
2) The North-East insurgents are still existing and not much importance is given to those areas.
3) Is the North-East not given due consideration due to the economic returns from that area.
4) Naxalites problem seems to be never ending.
5) There is no clue as to where and when the next bomb might explode.
6) The IT industry boomed to such an extent that due to poor planning Bangalore has suffered a lot today with infrastructure problems.
7) With the boom in IT industry brought about neglect of other cities and town and districts in Karnataka. This also gave a good oppurtunity for new breed of small thieves and robbers. Not to exclude those who are keen to rape and murder.
8) Lot of scams still go on and on. The recent episode of Natwar Singh looks to be a who can be the scapegoat.
9) Bribing never gets tiring. Thats still the way people move to to get their work done faster. Corruption lingers at large.
10) Lot of Keralites still keep moving over to Gulf leaving their “Gods own country” without much development. If there are any developments then strikes and bandhs halts the progress.
11) NRI’s are still hesitant to return to mother land having found money in other locations, not to forget the peer pressure.
12) Politicians keep jumping from one party to another wherever money calls. Filing of cases and counter cases has become the norm of the day.
13) Politicians for their own benefit want to split states.
14) Reservation percentage keeps increasing but nothing is done to help the so-called under priviliged to improve.
15) Economically low group of people cant get their way into education.
16) We need sting operation to highlight politicians activities.
17) We are stil happy playing cricket and not taking up any other game. Lot of fighting to get coveted posts in Cricket board on account of money.
18) Water is still a major problem. Karnataka doesnt give Cauvery water to TamilNadu. While some states have no water to provide, other states with plenty do not want to share.



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