Calicut – Weekend trip

Since my Gokarna trip was cancelled at last minute due to rains, in the last minute I decided to give my friends company to Calicut to attend a wedding. We went in two cars so no problem of tickets and stuff. It was a nice drive and view in the hills between Kalpetta & Kozhikode and the drive through Bandipur forest.
The route taken was Bangalore – Mysore – Gubdulpet – Waynad – Kalpetta – Calicut. A total distance of 360kms.

Some observations made during the trip:
1) People in Calicut looked lazy, the way they cross the roads and the way they drive their vehicles.
2) People are like the whole world will still be moving on, so why the hurry.
3) People comment a lot while watching movies.
4) Knowing Malayalam is always an advantage.
5) Some street light on the beach road would be better.
6) Theaters are very cheap as compared to Bangalore.
7) Roads are very clean and not a single molecule of dirst.
8) Greenery I dont need to mention, entire Kerala is like that only. Water and trees everywhere.

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4 thoughts on “Calicut – Weekend trip

  1. i’ve been to bellary, b’lore, udupi area, shimoga etc karnataka..i noticed the same thing abt the ppl there – very slow and lazy-looking.. what is your observation, u live in b’lore?

  2. @potpourri
    in b’lore the situation is totally different.. traffic jams everytime..
    but yeah i agree, ppl in towns are generally lazy coz they got not much to do.. & sit in the tea shop bench 2 discuss abt politics..

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