Lady in Water – Movie Review

The movie starts with animated explanation of connection between Nymphs and Man. What looked to promise a great movie like Sixth Sense turns out to be little better than the movie ‘The Village’.
Story (Bryce Dallas Howard) who lives in swimming pool in an apartment managed by Cleveland Heep (Paul Giamatti) is actually a Madam Narf, a variation of water nymph. Whenever the narf is out the beast Scrunt is out to hunt them down.
How she goes back into the pool escaping from the beast and how the talent of each resident in the apartment is utilised for this forms rest of the story.

There are quite a few strange characters, one guy who exercises only one side of his body, the writer who has not got to write and keeps commenting on other characters, a silent guy who only stares without much talk, one who hides himself in the bathroom and never comes out, bunch of guys who do nothing but sit around and keep smoking, one who is an expert in solving crossword puzzles…

The worst part is Night Shyamlan if he cant get an actor tries to fit himself into the role and looks really odd with no emotions.
The rest of the cast do a natural acting which is a good part in this movie.
The movie could have definitely been made better, but is worth a watch.


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