Life is tough – XV

While guys are mostly open about their relationship be it success or failure, girls never want to discuss.
Is it because they are shy or any other reason??


5 thoughts on “Life is tough – XV

  1. who said guys are open about their relationship?and girls discuss of course! but not with the opp sex…coming from an all girls’ coll, can say that most of the conversations among girls in relationships revolve around that!

  2. The reason I can think of is that – Girls are not just comfortable discussing their relationships with strangers..
    And then there is the uncertainity of the relationship not working also, right? so that makes them all the more secretive.

  3. @ramses & @smiling girl

    guys talk irrespective of where & with whom they r.. is it that guys want to boast about their relations??
    yep, i knw that gals talk among themselves..

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