Why Orkut ban in companies is justified

In most companies in India currently ORKUT is being banned. Why is it justified
1) People waste lot of time writing scrap for friends and posting in different communities
2) Time is wasted by browsing through all the contacts of contacts, especially if you are guy you waste the whole day looking into girls profile.
3) With almost every other person logged into Orkut there is a wastage of bandwidth and company resource

Why the ban will not be successfull is because there are lot of proxy sites going around currently through which the access is still possible. Its difficult to block each and every proxy site. If one proxy site is blocked another crops up.

So the conclusion is why ban when there are alternative ways of accessing the same??

But the funny part is I joined Orkut almost when it was started about 2yrs back and that time it was a craze in Brazil with not many Indian users. Today every Indian with access to internet is a member!! How slow we are in adopting to new technologies or initiatives, this is one good example

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7 thoughts on “Why Orkut ban in companies is justified

  1. my indian friend joined me up for orkut, but i’m always too slack to go on. I noticed there were a lot of indian users, i came across this person who was pretending to be aishwarya rai, and you should have read all the scraps, there were men making proposals and actually believing it was her!

  2. @kannan
    gud that ur able to access blogs..
    yep, u can login to orkut using gmail id..

    it happens always… guys keep luking for girls profiles in orkut…
    its sheer waste of time..

  3. guys trouble girls on mobile phones also; are we going to ban mobile phones? guys eve tease on roads, are we going to close all roads?

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