Life is tough – X

One fine morning you wake up and realise you are in love with your best friend. Later in the day your best friend tells you he/she is going to get married next month.

(Heard in local FM station on Sunday)


7 thoughts on “Life is tough – X

  1. i can imagine how tough it could be …

    did it not happen to Rachel when Ross announced his marriage to Emily? (in FRIENDS)

  2. @potpourri
    yep FRIENDS serial is lot similar to real life.. aint it!! 🙂 🙂

    yeah, its good for Mr.X who can now try different options..

  3. oh that poor person! Sounds like “My Best Friend’s wedding”. But obviously if it took you that long to realize your in love, it wasn’t meant to be anyway! That’s what i’d say to that person, get over it and find someone else to fall in love with! As you can tell i’m not a romantic!

  4. @amy
    doesnt it take some time bfore u realize the person ur going out with can be ur person for life??
    i believe nothing happens in 1 r 2 meetings or date whatever u call it..
    being romantic is different from telling a guy to find a different girl.. that wld definitely mean u never were for him to be ur life partner!!

  5. i sure agree with u sathish. i had known my husband forever (literally) before I realised I wanted him to be my life partner..
    but I dont think FRIENDS represents true life in all aspects..the 6 of them find so much time to do gapshap in the coffee shop, but these days ppl hardly find time to meet even their closest friends with thei busy schedules,unless they put effort, what say?

  6. @potpourri
    FRIENDS sequence is just a farce… its a good time pass with good laughter..
    if ppl want to get together its always possible, only thing is these days ppl arnt trying.. all they want to do is go to office come back home watch TV & sleep.. its a montonous life they want to lead…

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