Can we clean the beach – 2

In first part I wrote what I saw this post includes photos which I managed to click after my jogging in Besant Nagar Beach in Chennai this Sunday.

(This crow is happy calling its folks)

(Its garbage everywhere, leftovers after Saturday night)

(We definitely need public toilets for fishermen)

Isnt it our Beach, why cant the visitors to beach put all leftovers in a bag and throw it in dustbin?? That reminds shouldnt there be proper dustbins on the beach.

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5 thoughts on “Can we clean the beach – 2

  1. Visitors / Residents, who ever – the problem is that if you feel that you can “get away” with mediocre behaviour, you try to do it. It takes a certain level or ethics and discipline to do what you have to do without external policing. And that is what is sadly lacking. How else is it that one would be extremely disciplined – following rules etc in Dubai, Singapore and US but not in India? I just finished blogging about honesty and I find your post about cleanliness here…

    🙂 Pria

  2. That’s sad that such a lovely beach could get like that! I was surprised by the picture of the fisherman squatting! Do people swim at this beach? I think you should campaign!

  3. @Pria
    thats the point, when we can afford to let go all the careless things we do here in India when in another country why not do it when you are at home??
    In ones home do we leave garbage all over the place especially on the bed??

    why not leave ur blog url, probably can chk it up..

    yep, ppl do go into the waters.. there is about few 100mts of strecth which ppl throng mostly..

  4. You can check out

    At home, u don’t want to leave junk around, simply cause it will come back and bite you – Outside you can “get away” with it…

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