Blocking blogspot??

Morning when I read this post in Mridula’s blog I put up a comment saying there was no problem. But here I am at this very moment trying to access few bloggers site which are say, lo behold all I get is “Problem in loading page”.
Ok, there is no problem in accessing

I am not able to understand if this is some order to block blogspot, who is gaining what. But I can still create a new post and write as much as I want, only thing is that I cant view.
I think the reason cannot be Goverment orders to block or anything, the problem might and should be some where else.

Since we are not able to access blogspot or few other sites for whatever be the reasons, till the time so, you can access these sites by clicking here or here or here.

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3 thoughts on “Blocking blogspot??

  1. Thanks for the suggestion you left in my blog. Will give the proxy server you recommended a try. But it certainly is annoying to think that we can’t even view our own blogs without using a proxy server! What’s even more annoying is that no one seems to be in a mood to tell us what’s going on! I really do hope it’s just a temporary thing.

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