Bangalore & Technology in BMTC Buses

This post is a motivation after reading a post in Bangalore metblogs.
BMTC buses plying in Bangalore roads are now equipped with GPS & GIS by which the time of arrival can be relayed at almost real-time (I would not say 100% realtime). While they should be appreciated for adopting to technology there are few problems involved.

Mr.A is at bus station ‘X’ at 9:00am. This bus takes 1hr to reach his destination which is his office traffic jams included.

Scenario 1:
The display says the bus is expected only by 10:00am. Mr.A can he go back home? He has to reach his office.
Sub-Scenario – 1:-
He decides to go home and work one hour late in the evening to make up for loss. He comes back at 9:50am to find the display reading bus expected by 11:00am.
On enquiring he understands that the bus which was expected to reach by 10:00am reached station by 9:30am itself for unkown reasons.
Sub-scenario – 2:-
He takes a different bus to another station ‘Y’ at 9:00am. With all traffic jam reaches station ‘Y’ by 10:00am. Expected time of connecting bus is 10:30am, he waits and finally reaches office by 12:00pm.
If he had caught the bus at station ‘X’ he might have reached his office by 11:00am.
Sub-scenario – 3:-
Knowing the time of delay, he decides to take an auto thereby incurring a loss to himself and BMTC.
Sub-scenario – 4:-
He starts sleeping in the station ‘X’ for next one hour.
Sub-scenario – 5:-
Mr.A is a guy whose family is dependent on his income. He doesnt have money to take an auto. He reaches his office late only to get a slip from his boss firing him.

Scenario – 2:
The bus is expected by 9:20am which gives him 20minutes.
Sub-scenario – 1:-
Mr.A being a smoker tries to find a shop and starts smoking. If there are 30 people around like Mr.A smoking…
Sub-scenario – 2:-
20minutes is a loss so he takes an auto still.

Scenario – 3:
The bus is expected on time but on the way meets with an accident. Only the display is going to change.

Scenario – 4:
The bus is on time but develops a technical fault. Wait for next bus.

Scenario – 5:
Bus comes on time, everybody boards and goes happily.

Whether technology tells a man about delay or not this is what happens in a bus station. So the point is do we actually need a GIS & GPS to keep a track of buses.

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4 thoughts on “Bangalore & Technology in BMTC Buses

  1. Traffic Jam problem occurs in almost all major cities of the world, like London NY ,Tokyo etc.. So I guess that is the reason these cities have a metro in place other than buses. BMTC also claims that the GIS systems are for avoiding traffic jams if possible. So till metro arrives, this is the best solution available. By the way one can check the map and the bus routes on the site

  2. @youngJ
    this definitely doesnt convince a common man on the need of GIS system. what is the final benefit out of this??
    i can check and other s/w engineers can, but do they travel by BMTC??
    do common public know how to access website, do they have internet connection??

  3. People can subscribe to services which will send an SMS to their cell phone on the bus services they need to take to work. This way you dont have to have a computer or an internet and you dont have to wait at the bus station in case of delays.

  4. @pp
    thnx for dropping by..
    while we are targetting only the sector which has money but doesnt use the services why not target the right sector??

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