Mumbai Blast

Tragic again struck Mumbai yesterday. It was repeat of what happened in 1993 but the blasts number was more now than at that time. Moreover yesterday the target was common people. What is the point terrorists want to prove. Why were the common people the target. Was to instigate communal violence.
Something is definitely wrong in Mumbai for past few weeks. First it was floods, then last week there was violence after Bal Thackeray’s wife statue was damaged. Yesterday, bomb blasts. What next.
The people of Mumbai have shown to the world though that life will still continue whatever happens.
I pray for all those dead souls and pray that there are no more incidents happen.

What will be Bush Administration’s advice to India.

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2 thoughts on “Mumbai Blast

  1. Man…I wish the government actually does something to help the people. I know the people of Mumbai are very resilient and self-reliant. But still, I feel these fucking politicians should atleast ACT human every once in a while, and help mumbaikers, or people of India, when in need like this. I know for sure, nothing is going to come out of no interrogation or investigation…all bullshit so the common man can go back to work!

  2. @VOI
    yep, i hope the Govt would take some definite steps to stop such act of terrorism.. politicians have been talking for years & years but nothing significant is happening..

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