Airport Road Flyover – Bangalore

The main leg of the flyover is complete. The stretch from Koramangala thru Inner Ring Road to Indiranagar. But why do they want someone to innagurate the leg. Why cant they throw it open to the public?
Expect a traffic jam near the leg end when vehicles move towards Indiranagar from Inner Ring Road and when vehicles come from MG Road side thru Airport Road towards Koramangala.

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4 thoughts on “Airport Road Flyover – Bangalore

  1. @Sathish,

    I perfectly agree with you. While the construction process itself takes really really long time with the government administration, they almost an equal time, putting the constructed setup in idling, just on the pretext that they don’t get appointment dates from VIPs and other persons in the administration.

    Actually two flyovers in Chennai were almost pulled out of inauguration and people have started using it sans any inauguration. They are: Tambaram Railway Subway (just opposite the Hindu Mission Hospital) and the other one near Velacherry (near Kaiveli – Madipakkam Junction). Thanks the to Tambaram Subway, now the lengthy wait time and the risky ‘encounters’ to heavy trucks and lorries to the two wheelers and cars at the level crossing particularly during late nights is now not distinctly missing.

    Deepak Vasudevan
    Views and Reviews

  2. @vasudevan
    its just publicity @ the end of the day.. probably they dont want the public to test the bridges but better let politicians do it!!??

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