Moments of World Cup 2006 finals


One thought on “Moments of World Cup 2006 finals

  1. hi Sathish,

    The photos that you have uploaded are very nice. It would be nice to see some more special moments like Rooney getting Red-carded.

    I have just made a list of the Best World XI and the Best goals

    World XI
    1. Lehmann
    2. John Terry
    3. Ashley Cole
    4. Zambrotta
    5. Steven Gerrard
    6. Zidane
    7. Henry
    8. Trezeguet
    9. Klose
    10. Ballack
    11 Odonkor

    Best Goals.

    1. Joe Cole against Sweden
    2. Cambiasso against Serbia
    3. Steven Gerrard against T&T
    4. Grosso against Germany
    5. Klose against Argentina
    6. Beckham against Ecuador
    7. Maxi Rodriguez against Mexico
    8. Materrazzi against France
    9. Materrazzi against Czech
    10. Rosicky against USA

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