ImsaiArasan 23rd Pulikesi – Tamil movie review

Now what do you get when a comedian is a full fledged hero well more laughter. Well this movie will make you laugh out and out. There are few moments when the script gets loose and you tend to feel like walking out but the next minute another cracker makes you laugh to forget the feeling.
The movie is based on the history. Pulikesi was a king when India was ruled by Britishers. Not many do actually know that such a king existed. But movie has been quite well interlaced with comedy which is why this movie is watchable.
Shankar has taken a brave step in making such a movie with Vadivelu as the Hero.
The music by Sabesh-Murali does not mix well with the events and its too loud for the songs. None of the songs leave a mark that will make you sing it again & again. If only the director could have done without any songs, but then what would heroines do??!!
Manorama does not have a big role and is not her usual comedy stuff for her unlike her past 1000+ movies.
Nagesh has a very small role in this movie which doesnt make you realise he was in this movie.
Nasser is his usual self as villian and he once again proved how well he can act even at this age.
Monisha and Tejaswini as the two heroines in this movie do not have anything to do except show some skin in the song sequences. Well, what else are they for. Tejaswini does look gorgeous and quite attractive.
Vadivelu who started of his career in a small role in one or two scenes in the movie “En Thangai Kalyani” and had to wait for some time before getting a bigger role in “En Rasaavin Manasule” has proved that he is the king of comedy today. What more can you ask for when he is doing a double role in this movie.

The story goes like this, Nagesh as emperor has lost previous 22 kids at time of birth. The 23rd is named as Pulikesi (Vadivelu) after God. Actually Manorama delivers two kids, another Sugrabhudan (Vadivelu). Sangili Mayan (Nasser) conceals the birth of Sugrabhudan, since he wants to rule the city with a puppet king. He rears Pulikesi who would listen to what he says. Sangili Mayan in thirst of more money sides up with Britishers and local thugs also.
Finally as with any other movie truth has to come out some day and twin brother comes to rescue of Pulikesi.

The movie does not disappoint and is definitely worth a watch.
“Ke Ke Ka Po”.


2 thoughts on “ImsaiArasan 23rd Pulikesi – Tamil movie review

  1. @kannan
    its released unlike Vetayadu Vilayadu!! 🙂
    gud humorous movie & a nice time pass..
    if only they cld ‘ve avoided making Vadivelu running around the bushes…

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