Life is tough – VI

One topic of discussion, the girls view point is totally different from guys view. The end result is known. But why do we think differently?
Is their mutual agreement on any topic?
Except girl says “I dont think am ready for marriage” (though she would be getting married soon). Guy says “I still cant realize am becoming a father soon”.


3 thoughts on “Life is tough – VI

  1. If girls thought they we guys did, no one would be complaining of that disease .. what do they call it… hmm… virginity..

  2. My teacher once told our class that she had read that girls had spagetti brains and boys had waffle brains. Girls can think all over the place and get their thoughts continuously tangled up, whereas boys think in compartments, one issue at a time. I thought it was interesting. But I think ultimately society tells us how to act and think within our gender. It’s all a preconcieved, cultural mindset. Girls are sometimes not sure of marriage, because we are told to give up our name, our life and become one under the husband. Girls risk alot more in marriage then men do! That’s why i don’t want to get married until i’m completely and utterly sure!
    Good topic by the way 🙂

  3. @sagaro

    thats quite an interesting point.. so is it better to look @ 1 issue @ a time or get confused with all the issues @ same time.. is this why girls are called complicated beings??
    u can tell me when ur ready for marriage!!! 🙂 🙂 rotl

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