Life is tough – V

How many times have we planned what to talk but during the conversation the discussion is totally different. We end up not uttering even one pre-thought word!!


5 thoughts on “Life is tough – V

  1. @ramses
    thnx fr the comment & gives me pleasure when some 1 comments the way u’ve…
    but why is life tough, is it the way we luk @ things?? probably i can use this idea fr next post..

  2. there is a change in this blog.

    waiting for some interesting post

    anbulla amma type le izhukudhepa

    appadiye top gear le pottu ottupa vandiye

    sorry just kidding. i really feel bad when someone says that their life become tough.

  3. @young
    its not pain buddy.. i dont know what u thought abt but am talking abt presentations in public!!!:-) 🙂

    change is the only constant in life.. what am posting is general observations..
    like comedian vivek says in a movie “amma thaan ellam, pethavan pechai kellu mathavan pechai ketkaade”
    enga vandi eppodum top gear la thaan odudu..

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