Life is tough – II

How does one feel when his/her friend does not respond to calls for going out?? Should the guy/girl always accept to the call and agree to meet even though he/she has a girlfriend/boyfriend??

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10 thoughts on “Life is tough – II

  1. I think the two are mutually exclusive – having a bf/gf and spending time with your other friends.

    They need not accept to meet the friends all the time but they can meet if they don’t have plans with their significant other.

  2. You know your life is fucked up the day you go to the shop all alone, buy a pack of cigrettes and smoke them out lonely… Thats the day you get fucked up totally. And since the day isnt yet here, cheer up 😉

  3. sorry for the late response 😦

    it depends on the outsider ..girl invites girl and boy invites boy brings no problem.

    boy invites girl and girl invites boy may not be appreciated by the bf or gf even though there is no shady feeling from the outsider… but according to my significant other – if a boy invites a girl in a relationship, it is almost always shady 😀

    what say?

  4. @PotPourri:
    The way I see it, girl invites girl.. no problem, actually fun. Boy invites boy, big problem.

    Well good for you then 😉

  5. @potpourri
    i dont understand whats shady in that??? friends can be invited anytime aint it??

    i cldnt help laughing my heart out for your response!!

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