35 years to dominate

It took 35yrs for India to dominate over West Indies!! Yep, India won the cricket match test series yesterday and also the series.
Rahul Dravid the Wall needs a mention to have won the Man of the Match and the Series award. Should be a happy moment for him and the team, personally more for Chappell who has been criticised for having not made India win a test series after taking over.

Hope we would not need to wait for another 35yrs to see another series win.

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2 thoughts on “35 years to dominate

  1. With so much world cup action happening, I hardly watched this. Anyway, I am not too big a fan of cricket but good to see India win.

  2. @mridula
    neither did i watch this match.. futball is more fun than cricket on any given day..
    what the team has done is an achievement of sorts.. so definitely needs a mention!!

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