World Cup 2006 – Worth Watch Matches

The first match today between England & Portugal with England getting kicked out of World Cup was just brilliant. I am not a supporter of Portugal but I never want England to win!!:-)
The difference was Beckham moving out due to injury and an in-efficient Crouch coming in the 2nd half.
Once the match went into shootout there was no chance of England winning the game and so it happened.

The second match between Brazil and France just showed how much the weight of Ronaldo and the brilliance of Zidane made the difference. The match was clearly in France favor from begining. Ronaldinho was marked by atleast 2 French players everytime. The goal by Henry was just a great take of Zidance’s freekick.


4 thoughts on “World Cup 2006 – Worth Watch Matches

  1. England were very unlucky to lose Rooney who was wrongly given the Red Card. I think it was the Argentine referee who was showing out his frustration in argentina losing in the 1/4. England displayed the traditional “bull-dog spirit” in this world cup. England were also the favourites in the shoot-out with a great GK of the class of Robinson- who is in the league of Gordon Banks and Lev Yashin. Lampard, SteviGe, Carragher who are penalty specialist with Carragher’s penalty wrongly disallowed the first time.

  2. @kannan
    somehow i always felt England was a hyped up team..
    its a general feeling that England should not win.. can others explain why they want England to win??

    i liked the way France played the game, they dint give even a single chance to Brazil.. Zidane was just exceptional..

    even without red card England would not have won in the shootout. just look into the history in this world cup. Lampard has never scored a goal, he has managed to find the goalkeeper thru his 22 shots so far..
    Carragher made a foul in shootout and gave enuf signs to Portugal goalki where he gonna hit the ball..

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