Germany Vs Argentina – World Cup 2006

Germany won in the end with by penalty shoot out but the game won. It was an awesome match to watch. There was one bad moment for Argentina when their main goalkeeper had to be lifted out of the ground. Franco the totally in-experienced guy didnt know much what to do out there. It showed more in the penalty shootout.
The mistake made was substituting Crespo in the dying moments of the game.
The turning part of the game was Ballacks pass and a header to Klose who headed it into the goalpost.
Germany has a good chance now of reaching the finals, though I never expected them to reach this stage.


3 thoughts on “Germany Vs Argentina – World Cup 2006

  1. Sathish,
    Your analysis and comments are very insightful. I have become a regular reader of your post match analysis. I would like to know your views on Indian Soccer. Will we have any chance of qualifying for the Worldcup in the near future? Also why is football not so popular in India and why are we not finding quality players (considering the population)

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