Mumbai Travel Tale

What started of with visit to SAP Summit, on weekend we went around the city.

There are so many vehicles on the road, man one might get crazy driving over there. There are people jumping in-between to cross the roads. No wonder there are quite a number of hit-and-run cases. If one is not used to driving conditions he can never drive in Mumbai. In fact I found not many girls driving cars as compared to Chennai or Bangalore.

This pair was found on the wrong side of the road!! The guy was teaching her to drive, man what lessons to start with.

This view of city is from Water Kingdom.

Vada Paav is the most favorite here. Dont forget anytime you are in Mumbai eat this. This is as crazy as McDonalds Burger. (McD is there in Mumbai though)
Am not sure why they aren’t marketing this big time. They can sell this in other cities in India also. This shop is in Ville Parle.

This guy in Ville Parle made real good Mosambi juice.

Thats myself and two of my friends in the local.

The guy in the orange t-shirt is from my college and helped us in getting a place to stay in GokulDham. He was also kind enough to drive us around and show us places and also help in buying some stuff, though he is married.

On Saturday night we came back from Water Kingdom and Essel World around 9:00 in the night. We then started our journey to go to a disc and dance the night away. Life in Mumbai on Friday’s & Saturday’s start only after 9:00/10:00 in the night I believe. We went to a disc Hawaiin Shangai in Pali Hills near Pali Market. There was no space to move around inside but there were lot of people dancing and lots more squeezing in!!
We went to next place H2O in Bandra and here they have damn dress code so we couldnt go inside.
Next to H2O there was a restaurant Sheetal Bukara, I would rate this place 0.5 on a scale of 10. The service was just pathetic. There was also water leaking from the A/C. Good God how can that happen. After calling their manager, they appoint one guy to stand nearby to keep wiping water droplet from the A/C before it falls on to our table. The food was also not great. Thanks for the nice service, I would not visit this place next time am there. I wouldnt recommend to others also.

Dont forget to have Biryani @ Lucky restaurant in Bandra. They have autograph’s from Sachin & Sehwag. When we went it was after 3:00pm and they had no plate of Biryani’s left. This was a little disappointment. This restaurant was started in 1938 and is running full still. They do not have any branches.

Also, try out Vada Paav in Jumbo King shop. They have branches in almost all areas of Mumbai.

I was to other places like Bandra, Marine Drive, Gateway of India, Reclamation, Dharavi but night time the photos didnt come out well in my camera.

One thing I noticed about this city is that it sleeps by 3:00 – 4:00 in the morning and life is back by 7:00 – 8:00 again in the morning.
Whatever happens life keeps going on. If I get a chance I would love to spend few years there having got pissed off with Bangalore.

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6 thoughts on “Mumbai Travel Tale

  1. I have been to Mumbai only once when I was still a student. I like the sea so much. The thrid picture from below, where did you take it? Looks really nice.

  2. @mridula
    third picture from below?? do u mean the one with taxi & bus?? thats near Marine Drive…
    this is my 2nd time there.. 1st time was to run the marathon early this yr..

  3. Hey!
    I like your pictures. I’d love to go to Mumbai, it seems like such a crazy, exciting city! That’s funny about the couple driving on the wrong side of the road…not the way i was taught i can tell you that! They have a lot of guts!!
    I’d be too scared to drive in Mumbai as well, I’m bad enough in my hometown…which doesn’t even have a rush hour!

  4. @amy mack
    yep, mumbai is one crazy city.. whatever be the amt of money u got u can have a gud meal..
    i dont want to comment on the driving on the wrong side of the road!!
    even i wld be scared to drive in mumbai though i drive in other cities of india..

  5. Mumbai Central is a Locality in Mumbai City. Surrounded By Mazagaon , Dockyard Road , Dongri , Umerkhadi , Darukhana Localities . Mumbai Central Rail way station is 3 KM from Mumbai Central. It is 17 KM from Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport . Bus Stops Near By are Maharana Pratap Chowk Mazgaon , Nawab Tank Marg , Mazgaon Dock (Mazgaon) , Sandhurst Station Road , Mazgaon Court . Buses pass through Mumbai Central are 3 , 126 , 134 , 43 , 60 , 164 , 10 LTD , 20 LTD , 41 , 50 , 135 , 48 , 46 . it is 6 KM distance from Mantralaya Bus terminus . And it is 15 KM distance from Kurla Station ( W ) Bus terminus .
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