Trip to & in Udupi

The train from Chennai to Bangalore was little late on Thursday (8th June 2006) morning. I had an Air Deccan flight to catch at 9:20am from Bangalore airport and had to rush home, take some cash, have bath and rush to airport. I had to attend a marriage in Udupi with the ceremony at 12:58pm on the same day.
7:45am I left home caught a bus 201J to Domlur from Koramangala and from Domlur took bus 330 to airport. Got the boarding pass and settled myself.
Sharp 9:20am the plane started moving from airport and 10:25am I was in Mangalore airport. I had no idea how to reach Udupi from there. Luckily the Tourist Info desk was being opened at that time and on enquiry he said walk about a km out of airport take an auto to Bajpe, a bus to Mulki and then a bus to Udupi.
Out of airport there was no auto in sight, fortunately there was guy driving down in his bike, I hitchhiked a ride. He dropped me about a km away from Bajpe and showed me
the direction.

(Check out the compund walls of houses, the walk towards Bajpe bus stand)
It was actually more than a km. From there I got a bus. He stopped at Kinnigoli and asked to take another bus which was its partner so no additional ticket requried. The total fare from Bajpe to Mulki was Rs.13/-. From Mulki I took an express bus to Udupi the fare was Rs.12/-. From Udupi bus stand to the kalyan mandap I took an auto and he charged me Rs.20/- for a short distance. I was just in time for the muhurtham and also managed to change my dress well within time. I was joined here by three other colleagues of mine.
From the mandap after lunch we went back to hotel (Hotel Maurya) for some rest. The hotel was lousy and did not deserve Rs.480/- for the room without A/C all because of temple I believe.
Evening around 4:30pm we took a bus to Malpe beach. We spent quite some time over there.

(Sunset @ Malpe Beach)
My friends decided to leave Udupi the same night to Bangalore. I was all alone that night and for rest of the journey.

(Deserted streets and overflowing sweage doesnt leave a good impression)
Next day early morning (9th June 2006), I woke up by 5:30am after checking out of the room visited Udupi Krishna Temple. I hated this temple when security asked me to give way for saints. Seems they are madi (pure) after bath while am not. What a discrimination.

(What is this in Udupi Krishna Temple, I got absolutely no idea)
Just walked around the other nearby temples within same vicinity and roamed around when I caught few images of an elephant.

I had my breakfast in Hotel Udupi behind the temple, it was almost the same price as in Bangalore.
After this I took a bus to Mangalore, I was lucky enough because it started to rain in Udupi just then.

For all photos of the trip click here.

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4 thoughts on “Trip to & in Udupi

  1. The picture which have no idea is of the pile of firewoods collected.

    In Udupi, there are 8 Mutts. Each mutt hgets 2 years to manage Sri Krishna temple in order. The Mutt which is finishing the 2 year period must provide firewood for the next mutt from its forests. So when the mutt gets the management after 16 years, the forest would be again full.

  2. Udupi always lacks developement in every aspects no tourist would venture here due to the abrupt roads, spinal cord injury fear by travellers. Water too is scares here The water pipe connections under the Karnataka Urban Development and Coastal Environment Management Project (KUDCEMP) dominated the general body meeting of the Udupi City Municipal Council (CMC) here on Wednesday.

    Raising the issue, councillor Jagannath Bhat said the project officials had not provided water connections in Bannanje, K.M. Marg and surrounding areas. There was no water supply connection from the overhead tank either. Nearly one-third of the area under the Old Udupi Town limits did not have KUDCEMP water connections, he said.

    Executive engineer of the project Rajashekhar said that as per the terms of the contract with the City Municipal Council, the project had already provided 8,000 water pipe connections as per the list provided by the City Municipal Council. The project could not provide more connections and the matter should be dealt with by the City Municipal Council. About 18 km of pipelines were yet to be laid. Water had been provided to four zones in Parkala area from the Swarna Second Stage, he said.

    Faulty connections

    Mr. Rajashekhar assured the councillors that the faulty connections would be repaired soon. Councillor Chittaranjandas Hegde said that a special meeting of the City Municipal Council should be called to discuss the issues concerning KUDCEMP work.

  3. @anon1
    thnx for the info and nice 2 knw abt the diff mutts..

    gud 2 knw something is in the pipeline & changes cld be seen soon..

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