Lonely traveller in Mangalore

Reaching Mangalore from Udupi by Super Express Durgamba bus (fare Rs.30/-) I got down at the bus stand and when you board local bus in Mangalore remember to ask for State Bank, thats how this area is known.
I got myself adjusted to the heat by standing for some time under the sun and then took out the sheets I had printed out from the website. I roamed around the whole day with a 10kg bag on my back.
My first trip was to Kadri Manjunath Temple. I took a 30b bus and the stop to go to temple was Madige. From there I had to walk about more than a km. I climbed up the steps to reach the top of a mount and then saw the temple was down below.

(Check out the abs of Hanuman!!)
I thought I would take few pics of the steps while returning only to find that I reached the other side on way back. Pandavas it seems during their exile period hid themselves in this region and the caves are supposed to lead somewhere they were not sure where. Currently the entry to the caves is locked and seems only snakes reside there.
Once I got down to the other side I had no idea where I was. I enquired how to go to Kudroli devasthanam. I had to take 15 number bus and get down at Ladil Circle and change over to another bus number 31. When I got down at Ladil Circle, I saw a board mentioning Sultan Bathery, so change of plans and I walked about 2kms to reach there.

This is a watch tower around the river with walls to protect from enemies.

(View from top of watch tower)

(So much of garbage around protected monument)

(Boats are being used as current day houses!!)
From here I took a bus number 16 to Kudroli Gokarnatheshwar Temple. Took some few snaps and had prsadam.

By this time (around 1:00pm) I was feeling hungry having walked so much and with weight on my back. Out of temple I found a decent hotel where I had fish meals!! He gave me two fishes with the meal not a bad deal and it cost only Rs.20/-.
I still had some time left before hitting the beach. It was hot humid and noon is not best time to spend on the beach. So I added one more destination to Seemanthi Bai Goverment Museum. From Kudroli I took a bus to State Bank and from there bus number 19 to stop Bejai. From this stop it was another km walk up to reach the museum.

There were no other visitor apart from me, luckily it was open. Getting an entrance ticket Rs.2/- and no photography allowed inside I took a long walk inside checking out all idols and weapons and paintings (modern as well as old) and some other aritfacts belonging to 16th Century AD. The museum was not maintained properly and I think there has been no rennovation after it was built in 1960.
Back to State Bank, I took the bus number 45 to Ponnambaram Beach. I missed the stop and got down at next stop which meant another 1/2km walk. From the main road to the beach is another 1/2km. I found a hotel there though its not great by any standards had some refreshments. I had good company of two Mangalore Port employees who orginally are from Tirunelvelli.
Around 5:30pm I lumbered to the beach. A group of fishermen had just then come back with their catch so without any exchange of words I took few of their snaps.

(Direct buying, the lot of fish cost only Rs.50/-)

Once the sun fully set I was damn tired and my legs started to pain a little, thats when I decided to take a bus back to Bangalore. I had my dinner in Mangalore bus stand itself. Was actually surprised because for Rs.12/- he gave me two plates of idlis!!

Back in Bangalore on Saturday I was really feeling bored. Theres no fun out here in Bangalore.

For all photos of trip click here.

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7 thoughts on “Lonely traveller in Mangalore

  1. Nice pictures, Sathish. Looks like this was not your first visit. It would be impossible for a first timer to get around in those city buses. Was it Mallikatte where you had to get down to go to Kadri Temple. I left Mangalore 25 years ago but I grew up near the temple.

  2. @wood
    honestly thats the 1st time i am visiting Mangalore.. its not difficult to go around by local buses as long as you know what to ask…
    not everyone is bad & gives u wrong directions..

  3. listen jerk……its not Ponnambaram Beach…its Panambur beach….the so called Ponnambaram Beach crap is from your frickin hometown which i assume is somewhere in TN….don mess with Mangalorean names u scumbag………we don want people like you around here….

  4. @Tinu
    What a jerk and a loser you are. You dont even have a website on your own. When you cant write something useful and help others you just want to crib.
    Go get a life man.

  5. Mangalore is the gateway to Karnataka. It is one of the five talukas (other than Bantwal, Puttur, Sullia, Belthangady taluks) of the Dakshina Kannada District. This District formerly had 8 talukas, but these were split in August 1997 and the remaining talukas, namely Udupi, Kundapur and Karkala then formed a part of the Udupi district,but there is no division found in the living of two cities and it is still being recognised as ‘avibhagitha (undivided) Dakshina Kannada.
    Mangalore is named after the Goddess Mangaladevi. Other names used by the locals are ‘Kudla’ (Tulu), ‘Mangalooru’ (Kannada), ‘Mangalapuram’ (Malayalam), ‘Kodial’ (Konkani), ‘Mikala’ (Beary) and ‘Manjarun'(sanskrith).

    To know more about Mangalore visit:

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