Fishing and S/W Industry – Team work

Earlier I had compared gentlemen game Cricket to S/W Industry. Now, I would like to compare my observations of fishermen to that of this industry.

1) I have never seen fishermen being given a two day or one day session on team work. Then from where do they get the natural instincts. If everyman has the instincts then why do s/w engineers need two day session on team work/team building.
(a) Is it our ego?
(b) Is it lack of interest?

Check this out, these two fishermen go out to the sea’s to catch fish. “It takes two tango”. Note that. To balance the boat both of them concentrate their efforts to keep the boat aflot at the same time move it into the water. Now once into the water both of them paddle to give more power and make it easier.
Aint this team work?

2) There is one leader who guides the rest of the team (check out the guy with red cap).

Everyone combines to move the boat from waters to the ground. The boat is damn heavy and needs hell of an effort.
When did they have team building exercise. They learn on the job.

3) Another aspect of team work. Many hands make light work and too many hands spoil the work.

Just check out, there are just right number of people to remove the fish caught in the net.

Isnt there something to learn for all s/w engineers from this?

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2 thoughts on “Fishing and S/W Industry – Team work

  1. Absolutely right. It is out EGO that we have, breaks down communication. As you have rightly shown in the pictures, there is no communication between the fishermen, but still they know whom to follow and what to do. Yes there would be subtle power struggles between themselves too, but not in an intense way as we have.

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