Is it worth all the wait??

Are things fine in Tirumalai Lord Venkateshwara temple. Read my earlier post, click here.

1) If you buy a ticket for special darshan the waiting time is little less say 2-4hrs max. Say you dont have all that money to buy a ticket you join the general queue. During peak season the wait time is as close to 72hrs. After all the wait when you get close to give your prayers and glimpse of God all you hear is one common unanimous word “Jaragandi” (move forward). Along with the word the volunteers there psuh you around. The time given to bunch of people to have a glimpse is roughly 10 – 15 seconds.
I stand in a bloody queue for so long and all I get to see is few hands grab and push me forward or rather out. Did I come there to have a glimpse or get pushed out. Such an in-human treatment.

2) While standing in the long queue, you are actually caged. There’s such small space for movement in most part of the cage. There are toilet facilities available at few points. But there are no measures incase of emergency.
(a) Say a fire starts at some point for some reasons, it would be absolute chaos and result can be death of few hundreds.
(b) If somebody in the queue starts a rumor chaos again, can result in stampede.

The cage design is perfectly ok for regulating the queue and managing such an inflow of people but there should be proper safety measures.
Till date no incident has happened but one can never be sure these days.

3) Of course the devotees are not bothered except chanting “Govinda Govinda”. But with so much of caging one does not get to see the complete architecture of the temple. In any other temple one can relish each and every inscription/art work on the walls of temple in this temple you cannot.

Inspite of all this, the inflow of devotees would never cease. Nor would people stop bribing for getting a fast fast darshan.

Next time you go just check out Chandragiri Fort about 18kms before Tirupathi.

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2 thoughts on “Is it worth all the wait??

  1. You are perfectly correct satish.
    it’s a serious security hazard, same thing happens during HAJ Pilgrimage.

    GOD is equal to everyone and everyone should have an equal chance of enjoying the closeness with GOD without paying any money.

    It’s rather a sorry sight that the so called rich don’t have patience to wait and see GOD, instead they take the short cut by paying money for special darshan.

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