Tirupathi to Tirumalai – Mountain climb

The main purpose of Tirupathi trip this weekend was to climb up to Tirumalai.
We started our walk on Saturday 3rd June 2006 at around 4:30pm. My bro, myself, my sis & my dad.
Lot of work has been done to make the walk real easy for the devotees. They have made it all steps instead of rocks. Mostly its a covered climb up the steps. Meaning there is a roof, so if it rains or shines real hard the devotees would not get affected and they can continue their walk. They have also lights fitted to the roofs. But this roof blocks one’s view of nature and its beauty. But the devotees dont mind about it. Its only guys like me who want see more of nature really would feel bad about the whole structure.
There are lots of shops on the way up and you need not worry much incase you need some soda to spice you up. You get chilli bajji’s, coffee, tea, soft drinks, water and what not. In few spots the shop keepers have also arranged chairs so that climbers can take rest.
There are also toilets where you can clear yourself and get back to comfort for climbing. Doesnt this spoil the whole fun of climbing up the mountains. One should always use nature and nature only for relieving onself or for filling a bottle of water from springs. Its a real bore to climb when you cant enjoy the nature around.
I did not climb out of faith or anything. I just wanted to climb to I climbed. It was a steep climb after about 20mins into walking up the steps. The steep was almost perpendicular for quite a stretch.
My sis & dad were getting tired within the first 1hr – 1.5hrs of climbing. It was not only my dad & sis but other climbers also were getting dead tired. But what keeps them going is the God on top. If you ask these guys to trek any other mountain which is half as difficult as this, they would in 99% not do it. But after covering some more distance, it became easier. The steep also reduced to a gradual incline. About 2.5hrs into walking and another 1hr of climb still left a heavy downpour started. With downpour there was a power cut also. Luckily my dad I had taken torch also. For 15-20mins we waited till the downpour became just a drizzle before continuing the walk with the help of light from torch. This was advantageous in a way because we were not able to see how steep was the climb in front of us. Its pure psychology after all. Moreover we had to beat the rain before the downpour starts again.
We finally reached the top by 8:30pm. It was not a bad timing considering that my sis has never trekked before.

One other thing which we observed was, to climb there needs to be some motivation. For this few people apply sandal paste on each footstep and next person keeps kumkum on top of it. They do this for every step.
Some other set of people do differently. One keeps camphor on each step, the other lights it using candle. This they do it for each and every step till they reach the top!!

If you are nature lover, I would never recommend a climb up to Tirumalai. If you really want to trek up the mountains the place to be are Himalaya’s (near UP & Himachal side) or Kerala or North-East.

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