Corruption in name of God

In Tirupathi & Tirumalai, corruption is at its peak in the name of God. It is difficult to get a room in Srinivasa the big complex constructed by Devasthanam with lots of rooms and free areas. Either there will be no availability or one need to stand in big queue.
If you want to bypass all this and get a room at the earliest, catch hold of the floor boys who give the keys. Pay them some Rs.50/- to Rs.100/- you get a room without any need to stand in the queue.
For darshan of God Venkateshwara in Tirumalai, one can buy tickets for various prices. The time of standing in the queue is inversly propotional to the amount paid for the ticket. Incase there is no tickets available for booking online or there is a big queue to buy the tickets. Catch hold of few of the guys whom you can pay additional few bucks and get a ticket.
Suppose you get a ticket and stand in the queue, you want to by-pass this queue and reduce your waiting time, just be there in the queue. Sooner than later one or two guys will approach you. Just pay him some money and you can go straight in.
Incase you dont have ticket but want a darshan, just give a big fat sum to the one other guy manning the gate and you can just walk up to have a darshan.

This God people say will give you lot of money. But if you use all the money in just having a darshan then whats the point in God giving you money. Instead of visiting the temple one can very well cough up the amount to orphanage or old-age home, plus spend the same amount of time you spend for having darshan with inmates. The inmates would be very happy and satisfied. They would bless you a lot. Those words would give more pleasure than anything else.


5 thoughts on “Corruption in name of God

  1. Love is the ultimate answer. Love is not an abstraction but an actual energy, or spectrum of energies, which you can “create” and maintain in your being. Just be loving you are beginning to touch God within yourself. Feel loving. Express your love.

    Love dissolves fear. You cannot be afraid when you are feeling love. Since everything is energy, and love encompasses all energies, all is love.

    – Brian Weiss

    I think this is the reason people who visit thirumala not for money but to feel close with GOD.

  2. @ Swetha – You can feel close with the roadside Ganapthi on your road, you need not go to tirumala to realise u’r closeness.

    It is purely a G-Business. God is for everyone to worship, lets not make money out of god nor pay money to see him.

  3. i welcome your suggestions. i am very curious to know that did you ever involved in that G-Business? Have you ever been to Tirumala?


  4. @ Swetha – Well..Yes when i was a year old.. Went to tirumala to offer my hair.
    G-Business doesn’t invlove only Tirumala temple, it also involves TV channels which market god , any form of money making in which god is used as an instrument is a G -Business.

  5. @swetha
    i agree with vasudev when he says you can go to any temple to feel close to God not just Tirumalai…
    read my next post on how it is in Tirumalai…

    the knowledge gained when you were 1yr old will be negligible since most of us dont even start speaking at that age..

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