Pudhupettai – Survival of the fittest – Tamil movie Review

Director: Selvaraghavan
Cast: Dhanush, Sneha, Sonia Agarwal and others
Music: Chapraya Symphony Orchestra – Bangkok, Yuvan Shankar Raja, DJ Rafiq

(Photos courtesy: Sulekha.com)
Kokki Kumar (Dhanush) runs away from home after his dad murders his mom. Taking to begging on the streets, hes wrongly arrested by police when they roundup other tough guys in the area. Later he becomes a local don with help from others.
He comes across KrishnaVeni (Sneha) a prostitute who likes his nature. When attending the marriage of his gang members sister he marries her, Selvi (Sonia Agarwal).
What happens inbetween and after go to nearest movie hall.

The narration is different in this movie. But the ending is predictable. Too much of blood (red ink) flowing everywhere is little eye sore.
Dhanush with his voice from nose does not actually fit to be a don later on. Its acceptable when he is there as a school drop out but not few years later.
The story does not have any suspense and is not supposed to be a thriller, i believe.
The background score is pretty ordinary and does not lift spirits.
The script could have been little more tighter.

The songs seems to have lot of inspiration.
Click here to listen to the songs from raaga.

The song ‘Neruppu Vaayinil’ sung by KamalHassan looks to be slower version of ‘Stranded on the streets’ song from movie Nal Damayanthi, there is a resemblance to score from movie Kadhal Kondein and some trace of song ‘Anbe Sivam’ from movie Anbe Sivam.

The song ‘Pulpesum Poo pesum’ has inital resemblance to ‘Be a Rebel’ from movie ‘Rang De Basanti’ and heavy influence of Hip Hop song from the West.

Select the song ‘Going thru emotions: Prelude’, an advertisement from Citibank will be played (not sure whether the ad is played for users outside India). Listen to the background score then continue listening to the instrumental of the movie.

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10 thoughts on “Pudhupettai – Survival of the fittest – Tamil movie Review

  1. sathish,
    wht kinda of a review is this… don’t think tht i am picking up a quarrel with u like @anon .. to be true none of the things u have said seems to be valid.Its a blunder of a review.Its seems u have not watched the movie with any sort of intrest.I think movies like thirupathi , sivakasi ,etc will suit u better. To read the best review just go here http://www.teakada.com/archives/002989.html and i would say ur review is the worst of the lot just after rediff and sify .

  2. @sowmya
    thnx fr the comment.. i dint want to review much abt the story since its right up there in teakada blog.
    i wanted to concentrate on other aspects which would not have been done by other reviewers like music…

  3. sathish,
    were those “best” comments written by urself to make up for the last few by others? To say really, this movie review is really not upto mark after seeing ur Vetaiyadu Vilayadu review. That was superb while this is really worse. Everything except for dhanush was good in the film. Had any other actor starred in the film(say surya or vikram), the film would have been the best in its time. Can’t say a thing wrong about selvaraghavan. BTW, who said it was a thriller?

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