Down the memory lane – Tanjore

Close to 6yrs since a visit to favorite place, Tanjore where we (Shyam & myself) used to spend our summer vacation. This weekend we went there to rewind memories.

Check out the spelling of Punjabi!!

Brahadeeshwar Temple Photos:

(Notice the lizard in the temple sculpture)

(Supposedly the biggest Nandi (vehicle of God Shiva))

(If you tie a cradle to the tree you would give birth to a child soon, ladies only)

(Only ground where I have played cricket on all days of summer vacation, now its a school ground)

(Grand Anaicut, lot of water used to be there. We used to take cows along with us)

(We learnt cycling here, now both sides have houses and tar road also)

Tanjore market:

Beerengi Medu (Cannon):

(We used to cycle this point and beyond during school vacation days)

For all photos of the trip, click here.

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