Road relay work

Roads are being re-laid in Bangalore for past few weeks. Well done goverment. But some things are not clear:

1) Why relay during day time? Why not during night time and finish before dawn so that vehicular movement does not get affected.
I just walked past Koramangala Canara Bank area and the road opposite to the bank is being re-laid. Time is 18:30hrs, peak hour traffic movement. Road is blocked. All vehicles are made to take the side roads and from the start of the road till the end there is a traffic jam.
Thanks for the efforts and adding to the existing traffic problems, goverment.

2) The quality of the roads being re-laid needs definitely to be checked. If big rains las the city the roads re-laid would become new pot holes. Thanks for ensuring pot holes would not go away in future.

3) From Koramangala 1st block till Koramangala Signal, one straight stretch road is being freshly laid after about 3yrs. But am still not able to understand the logic of laying road in this stretch by leaving the junctions as it is. The junctions are Koramangala Wipro Park, Koramangala Maharaja Restaurant and Koramangala Signal.
Is it because there is going to be some more activity in future at these junctions?
When roads is being laid afresh why not repair even at junctions.

4) In Whitefield leading to ITPL, the roads were just patched. Thanks to efforts and consistent rains in the evenings almost daily, pot holes are starting to come up and roads are getting filled with water.

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