A day to think about Mom??

Today is International Mother’s Day. But is it only today that one’s mother should be remembered for all her sacrifices and hard work?

This song sums up the difficulties a mom undergoes.

Udallum neeye Uyirum neeye Uravum neeye thaaye
Than udallil summandu Uyirai pagirndu
Uruvam tharuvaai neeye
Unkannil vazhiyum Oru thuli porum
Kadallum urugum thaaye

(You are the heart, soul and body
You carry in your body and share life
And give shape to me
Even a tear drop is enough
To melt the seas)

This song is from movie Pavithra sung by Unni Krishnan and composed by AR Rehman. To listen to the song click here and select the song ‘Uyirum Neeye’.
The best line in the song is

“Saami thavithaan
Thaayai padaithaan”

I do miss my mom’s masala dosa (it was sunday breakfast mostly during school & college days).



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