Do we need Supreme Court?

Do we need the Supreme Court in India or for that matter any other court?

1) Recently Supreme Court passed order that all buildings in Delhi which had violated norms to be demolished. While this process was happening, yesterday a bill was passed in Lok Sabha to stop demolitions for next 1 year. This was due to political pressure!!
Great, if for every order passed by Supreme Court a bill is going to be passed to negate it, well, well done, Members of Parliment.

2) Law is going to be passed soon to bring reservation in private sector since govt see’s that industry is not going to bring in reservations voluntarily. Has it ever happened that reservations create oppurtunities for the real section of people?

3) A person accused of rape in 1983 has been convicted yesterday by a local court. He is currently a Member of Parliment and the sentence, 10 months of Rigorous Imprisonment. 23 years after the incident he is not awarded death sentence. Think about the plight of the victim. The accused is now going to appeal in Supreme Court.

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