Analysis – Post election results of TN

1) DMK chief MK a veteran in politics knew that nothing but only a coalition govt is of future. He formed the right combination. AIADMK chief Jaya was not understanding this and this is where her in-experience showed largely. She with her actions in past years enabled other parties to distance away from her. She did not realise that she cant win the elections single handedly. She should have taken along Vijayakanth of DMDK and Kaarthik of Forward Bloc.
These two guys split AIADMK votes and that ended in favor to DMK.
2) Rice has always been an issue in TN politics and any offer on the commodity will win votes of farmers and other communities. MK was smart here and offered a kg of rice at Rs.2/-. Jayalalitha offered 10kgs of free rice but it came as a reaction. If she had offered it initially she would have won the elections there itself.
3) TV Media was used strongly by both parties but SUN TV won in the emotional and sentimental battle. Of course cable TV penetration might still not be there in the remotest of remotest villages but all others have access. The viewership of Sun TV is exponentially more than Jaya TV. Sun TV’s images of MK arrest in midnight, killings of college girls in Dharmapuri added to the sentimental wave.
4) History always favours the opposition in the assembly elections in TN. History repeated itself. Never except MGR has managed to hold to Fort in consecutive terms.
5) Hindu’s in Kancheepuram and other places still did not forget Kanchi seer’s arrest in murder case. If atleast seer had been convicted in the case Hindu’s might have voted for her. But the hatred was still there. Not that MK is pro-Hindu or has in his entire political time done anything for Hindu’s.
6) The fear factor in the minds of govt employee’s. Though their suspensions were suspended, they also played political game thanking Amma but kicking her from behind.

Finally if voted to power neither Jayalalitha nor MK will be keeping to pre-election promises. The winner is clearly who was more smarter and made correct strategic moves.

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