TN Election Results – Update

This would be updated every 30mins with the latest news on election results in TN. Am not sure if I would be updating on individual constituencies but atleast the overall numbers would be there.

Update: Stalin to be the new CM. (rumour or is it true)

Final results:

DMK+Allies = 163 (DMK = 96)
AIADMK+Allies = 69 (AIADMK = 61)

Predicted: First time coalition politics in TN. The gap between DMK & AIADMK is about 10 – 15 seats. who gives more money and buy over other MLA’s needs to be seen.

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2 thoughts on “TN Election Results – Update

  1. Don’t just look at difference between DMK and AIADMK. Look at their success rate. DMK contested only about 130 seats. ADMK contested 160 – 170 seats. So on a percentage basis, DMK’s performance is still much better.

    I don’t favour either parties, but just wanted to put things in perspective.

  2. @anon
    you are right.. but the shift is because of Vijayakanth & Karthik… without them the vote share might have remained with AIADMK..
    (just a Q, why dont u reveal ur identity)

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