Thiruttu Payale – Movie Review (Tamil)

Movie starts with violence and ends in similar note. In the opening scene, Manickam (Jeevan) hits his brother on the head with a bottle and in the end what happens watch the movie.

Manickam goes to Madras to stay with his uncle who tries to change him by his soft words. He chances upon to view adultery being committed by Roopini (Maalavika) and Santosh (Abbas). He laters videos it and demands money from Roopini. She sends him to Australia where he meets Rosy (Sonia Agarwal) and they both fall in love. They return back to India and get to know their true identity, why they were in Australia.
What happens later, do Rosy & Manickam re-unite, does Roopini’s husband come to know of her relationship with Santosh forms remaining part of the story.

Director Susi Ganesan of Virumbigiren has done a decent job. He has tried to maintain suspense and has a tight script to support. Though as usual songs manages to loose the momentum.
As a viewer you get to see nice locations in Australia and a bonus dance by two belly dancers.
Theres lot show of skin by Sonia Agarwal. Cant say its a treat to watch!!
Vivek disappoints a lot. His comedies also became a reason to loose the momentum. He did get to smooch around an Australian girl. Dialogue of the movie
“Australia vila free aa kiss adikallam aana piss adika eladu, India la free piss adikallam aana kiss adika eladu”
Songs and background music by Baradwaj are not worth mentioning.

The movie is released with ‘A’ certificate.

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