GMail & Orkut

Is there any relation between Orkut & GMail?? I use my gmail id to login to Orkut. But when I logout of Orkut, I get automatically logged out of gmail!! 🙂
Has Google noted of this very bad feature of theirs??
Is this really a feature?? Or a security check??
Its real pain to login again to gmail once I logout from Orkut. Will Google take a look into this bug.

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7 thoughts on “GMail & Orkut

  1. @mohammed
    but i think google should fix this problem… i dont knw what dependency they have on each other!!??

  2. @debasish
    i know its coz am using the same id. but google is giving me the provision to use it. that does not mean that if i login to orkut and logout, i should be logged out from gmail.
    i would say its a bug only still…
    if its a feature it should be mentioned by google in orkut site or gmail site..

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