The trip by cyle – Pedalathon

(Photos courtesy Guru & Shree)

Kribs, Abhinav & KK stayed over in our (Shyam & Myelf) house on Friday night. It was unbelievable but by 4:00am on Saturday morning, the others, Shree Kumar, Guru, Sandy & Ajay were also there. Everyone was on time.
We stopped almost every one hour. Had a decent breakfast in Kamat hotel about 10kms before Woodys Hotel and near Narasapura. In Narasapura we found 3 trees fully infested with bats!!
(Need to wait for photos to be uploaded by others)
While starting from here, it looked like KK’s cycle got punctured and we cycled into town much to amazement of villagers.
After much effort finally reached Chittoor in Andhra Pradesh same night. But the cycle just would not behave properly. Many times the chain came off and finally I noticed that the plastic covering near the chain had also got broken. So many problems for a cycle bought at such a price.
Everyone else was giving in similar effort but their cycles move faster than mine!!!
I pumped my entire energy out and later had to make Abhinav ride the cycle while I rode his bike. Thanks to Abhinav for helping me out.

The cycle is Hero – Dirt Terrain Bike.

Today (Sunday) morning I dumped the cycle on top of bus from Chittoor and reach Koyambedu bus stand. From bus stand to my house a distance of 4kms, the chain came off twice.

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2 thoughts on “The trip by cyle – Pedalathon

  1. Hey Satish, Thanks to you for the opportunity! 😉 Yeah, you’re right, It was just bad choice of cycle more than anything else, that prevented you from continuing…
    There’s always next time. I can probably join you on a cycle then.


  2. @abhi
    yep, might be.. i got the wrong cycle for the right trip… might be it can withstand trip on muddy terrains…
    lets c nxt time.. & luking fwd 2 riding with u..

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